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    Weekly Changelog #1

    Hiya, I am pleased to write our first weekly changelog for the Revene network. Weekly changelogs are contained with updates not exactly fit for official announcements, this means all the recent updates made to the server by the administration team will be listed in this category.


    - Sell Wand changes
    • We have updated sell wands to sell all items not previously able to be sold.

    - F Top changes
    • We have updated Faction Top's design along with re-writing the worth value of each item, blocks, and spawners.

    - Anticheat changes
    • We have updated how the AntiCheat interacts with suspected hackers, we have made it as precise as possible along with measures to avoid being intrusive to legit players.

    - Replaced Gaps with Potions
    • With all the recent feedback we have gotten from players who have a knack for PVP, along with internal discussions within the team, we have decided to replace a majority of enchanted golden apples in kits with potions that will enable a more skill-based PVP system instead of fighting for hours with a stack of gaps. There will still be gaps but they will be rarer.

    - Crate changes
    • Fixed issues where players did not receive the item that they won.
    • Made changes to items in crates in order to align with the aforementioned updates.

    - Border changes
    • We have made the blue striped barrier wall visible at multiple requests from players.
    • We have lowered the high knockback when pushed by the border.

    - Shop changes
    • Prices have been changed to align with the new economy system.
    • Minor fixes to stacked items not working properly.​

    - Misc
    • Various internal server changes.
    • Various performance tweaks.
    • Various staff-related changes.
    End of weekly changelog #1

    Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks update, We hope these changes have improved your gameplay at least a good amount. If you experience any bugs or discover glitches please post a report thread here: https://revene.net/forums/bug-reports.11/
    We will review all bug reports and perform the necessary actions. Any bug reports you submit that are approved will show up in next week's changelog with credits next to it.​
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    I for one welcome our new opresive overlords, And now for your local weather heres Arnie pye.

    Congrats folks And many thanks for your unpaid hard work and dedication, with out you fine mods this place wouldnt be the same.

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