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    Weekly Changelog #2

    Hiya, I am delighted to write our second edition of the weekly changelog for the Revene network. Weekly changelogs are contained with updates not exactly fit for official announcements, this means all the recent updates made to the server by the administration team will be listed in this category.


    - Faction changes
    • Added missing faction warp perms​
    • Increased the amount of TNT needed to destroy obsidian to 6​
    • Fixed the glitching with pearls when thrown too many times​
    • Added personal stats, players view this with /stats​
    • Added a GUI version of /stats - suggested by SteveGay​
    • Added repair hand sign - suggested by maths​
    • Gen bucket is now unlimited - suggested by maths​
    - KoTH changes
    • Small changes to KoTH messages to display specific times​
    • There will be three new KoTH times on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at 1:00 PM EST. This will mean three KoTHs a day for the weekend.​
    - Spawner changes
    • Changed the mob AI in spawners to true in order to ensure efficient farms​
    • Added missing permission for mining spawners​
    - Rankup changes
    • Ranks now give their own sell buff, 2x per rankup​
    • Rankingup gives you an additional 4+ factions power level​
    - Sellwand changes
    • Sellwands now have a multiplier of 2.5 when selling items from the shop​
    • Added missing permission for using sellwands​
    - Shop changes
    • Netherrack not being able to be sold is fixed - reported by SteveGay​
    • Added TNT to shop upon multiple requests​
    - Chat games changes
    • Scrambled word chat games have been added​
    • Chat games now give a 20k reward instead of 15k​
    - Crate changes
    • Fixed Crate reward name typo - reported by maths.
    • Added missing permission to claim missed rewards​
    • Removed crate delay - suggested by maths​
    - Voting changes
    • Increased voting rewards​
    • Added VoteTop rewards​
    - Warp changes
    • Added /warp Stats that shows the top stats
    • Added /warp repair
    - Worldborder changes
    • Worldborder polished to be less confusing while building/claiming land- reported by maths
    - Gap changes
    • The increased rarity of Enchanted golden apples to allow for more skill-based PVP rather than rely on gaps.​
    - Misc
    • Added Mailman in spawn for daily rewards
    • Added hot air balloons to spawn for decoration
    • Various internal server changes.
    • Various performance tweaks.
    • Various staff-related changes.
    End of weekly changelog #2

    Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks update, We hope these changes have improved your gameplay at least a good amount. If you experience any bugs or discover glitches please post a report thread here: https://revene.net/forums/bug-reports.11/
    We will review all bug reports and perform the necessary actions. Any bug reports you submit that are approved will show up in next week's changelog with credits next to it.​

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