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    Weekly Changelog #3

    Hiya, there were not enough changes last week to post its own weekly changelog, for that reason it was skipped. I am happy to show you this week's changelog for the Revene network. Weekly changelogs are contained with updates not exactly fit for official announcements, this means all the recent updates made to the server by the administration team will be listed in this category.

    - Faction changes

    • Added trench picks - popular request to add​
    • Added ability to see stats of others (/stats [username])​
    • Gen bucket improvements - suggested by HellishNZ​
    • Combat changes to allow you to build while in combat​
    - KoTH changes
    • Added Ice KoTH for the weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)​
    - Rankup changes
    • Made the buy price go up as well when ranking up to prevent exploiting​
    - Shop changes
    • Increased iron ingot sell price​
    • Added more Redstone items to shop - suggested by HellishNZ​
    - Chat games changes
    • Added more words to chat games​
    - Crate changes
    • Crate hologram cosmetic changes - suggested by Maxe654pro​
    - Voting changes
    • Increased voting rewards​
    - Warp changes
    • New Ice KoTH warp​
    - Worldborder changes
    • Nether world border changes - suggested by HellishNZ​
    - Misc
    • Various internal server changes.
    • Various performance tweaks.
    • Various staff-related changes.
    End of weekly changelog #3

    Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks update, We hope these changes have improved your gameplay at least a good amount. If you experience any bugs or discover glitches please post a report thread here: https://revene.net/forums/bug-reports.11/
    We will review all bug reports and perform the necessary actions. Any bug reports you submit that are approved will show up in next week's changelog with credits next to it.​

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